About Linn Together

Linn Together is a countywide network of volunteers working to reduce substance abuse in Linn County. The mission of Linn Together is to strengthen local prevention networks and reduce substance abuse among youth and families through education, skill-building, and community mobilization. Using the Strategic Prevention Framework” as a planning model, Linn Together develops and implements evidence-based prevention strategies. Our partners include schools, law enforcement, parents, faith leaders, youth services, local government, students, health care professionals and business owners.

What does Linn Together do to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse?

  • School based activities
  • Community education & training
  • Parent education
  • Youth Leadership
  • Media Campaigns

Why are many Linn Together programs focused on youth?

Most substance abuse problems begin in adolescence. In fact, research has shown that a child who reaches age 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs is virtually certain never to do so.*

If we can prevent youth from using these substances, we will drastically reduce alcohol and other drug abuse in Linn County.

*National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse

Linn Together Members include:

  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Business Leaders
  • Health Professionals
  • Retirees
  • Youth
  • Local Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Civic Groups
  • Faith Community

You can help to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse and support a climate
of success in Linn County:

  1. Join Linn Together
  2. Help out with a Linn Together program or event. See our calendar of events.
  3. Donations welcomed. Needs vary, so please contact us for more information.

Linn County STAND: Students Taking Action Not Drinking

The Linn County STAND is comprised of students from every Linn County high school. Linn County STAND meets monthly to coordinate media campaigns to reduce underage drinking.

If you are interested in joining, please complete a Linn County STAND application. Returning members will need to submit a Parent Permission Form. For more information, contact Shannon Snair by email or at 541-967-3819.