Life Skills Training Parent Resources

Bringing Life Skills Home: 6th Grade Parents

Welcome to the 6th grade parent page! Click the links below to follow along as your child receives Life Skills Training* at school. Learn what they are being taught each week, and get ideas for fun family activities that will bring Life Skills home.

Week 1: Self-Esteem

Week 2: Making Decisions

Week 3: Smoking Myths & Realities

Week 4: Alcohol Myths & Realities

Week 5: Marijuana Myths & Realities

Week 6: Advertising

Week 7: Coping With Anxiety

Week 8: Communication Skills

Week 9: Social Skills

Week 10: Assertiveness

More Bringing Life Skills Home:

Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Your Kids?

What a Parent Can Do To Prevent Substance Abuse

Myths and Facts About Youth & Alcohol Use

Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Efforts

If You Suspect Your Child is Using Alcohol or Other Drugs

Additional resources

*The Life Skills Training Program is owned and copyrighted by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin